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There is one thing a majority of the population has grown up loving; and no, it's not pizza although, that would come in a close second. It's Disney films and cartoons! We all transform into that little kid who loved their stuffed animals and every ounce of their dearest Disney characters.

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FOR years, Disney has sneakily been rewarding parents that have to sit through endless cartoons with their children — with jokes only adults could understand. Buzz Lightyear was the subject of a sexual joke. And the colourful fairy-tale movies appear to be the perfect family-friendly viewing for youngsters, The Sun reports.

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Disney seems like a safe haven where a dream is only but a wish your heart makes. If you wanna stroll down memory lane, or just want your inner year-old to chuckle, then check out the list below. Not just about a sheltered girl with really long hair, Tangled has a little to do with

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Since before there was the internet, rumors have circulated that certain Disney movies have hidden sexual references in them — because we cannot have nice things. Here, 10 that miiiiight just ruin your childhood. Next time you find yourself looking at your Little Mermaid VHS don't act like you don't still own oneplease take note of the hidden penis right smack in the middle of that golden castle. The artist was just trying to draw a castle, guys.

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Here are 25 of the best. When Kristoff discovers Anna is engaged to someone she just met, he works a subtle but effective size joke into his interrogation of how well the princess really knows her betrothed. Get it?

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Disney's The Lion King is considered one of the greatest animated films ever made, but did it really contain a hidden message saying "SEX"? The notion that the adult-orientated subliminal message is included in The Lion King is one of the most infamous Disney urban legends, which has largely taken on a life of its own in the years since the film's release. The moment in question comes around two-thirds of the way through The Lion Kingwhen Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are lying on their backs, looking up at the stars.

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The wonderful world of Disney has long been suspected of hiding subliminal sexual messages in its animated films. From inappropriate words hidden in the sky in "The Lion King" to suggestive language in "Aladdin," the evidence against the Mouse seems to mount up fast In the age of the Internet, it's hard to tell what's real any more.

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If you spent your childhood obsessed with Disney or if you've spent 15 minutes of your life on the Internetyou've heard the rumors about the alleged dirty stuff hidden in Disney cartoons. The puff of dust that seems to spell out "sex" in the sky during The Lion King? The bishop's supposed erect penis in The Little Mermaid?

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The rumor is that the penis was deliberately drawn as a last act of defiance by a disgruntled Disney artist who was being laid off. The truth is, the artist who created the cover did not work for Disney itself, thus was not a disgruntled employee, and claims the penis tower was completely inadvertent. Disney claims that the bulge, is actually just his knee sticking out.

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Well, the person responsible has been revealed. Disney has announced that former vice president Michael Laney secretly instructed animators to put in subliminal sexual messages in films during his tenure. The news comes just hours after Laney was sentenced to more than 6 years in prison following a child sex abuse investigation in Portland.


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